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Un vin presque parfait

Closed to the perfect wine

Rouge-Paloma-500pxAfter the success of the show “un diner presque parfait”, M6 Interactions has designed “Un vin presque parfait.”

The jury is composed of professionals from the world of wine but also of amateurs (400 wine testers in total) who make a blind test and give marks according to 3 criterions : its organoleptic qualities (sensory analysis), the value for money of the product, and finally the aesthetic aspect of the bottle. The aim is to create “the first wine selection made by and for the general public”, specifies M6 Interactions.

We are very proud to be in the first edition of this selection with “La passion from Château Petit Boyer 2009″

Available from the autumn 2011 in all good bookstores, the book ” un vin presque parfait” will present all the complete prize list.

A page will be dedicated to each selected wine and its content will supply the following elements: description of the wine (land, climate, wine making, breeding …), information on the domain (number of hectares, contact…), photo of the bottle, tasting notes and comments about the association wine and dishes with a recipe in order to accompany this wine.

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